As seen in Food Business News

As seen in Food Business News

17 Jan 2024

Snack, breakfast innovation on tap at Winter Fancy Food show


"CHICAGO — Sales of specialty foods and beverages across all retail and foodservice channels neared $194 billion in 2022, up 9.3% from 2021. It’s estimated they reached $207 billion at the end of 2023, according to the Specialty Food Association (SFA), New York, which will be hosting the 48th Winter Fancy Food Show Jan. 21-23 in Las Vegas. 


And quite the expo it is expected to be, said Denise Purcell, vice president of resource development for the SFA."


"The Drinks Bakery, Edinburgh, Scotland, for example, is making its Fancy Food debut with Drinks Biscuits, an eight-year-old product line ready for export. The biscuits are flavored with the intent for pairing with specific libations.


“After watching the emergence of craft drinks over the last 20 years, I realized that the snack market had hardly changed and wanted to share my family’s appreciation for the partnership between snacks and drinks, thus The Drinks Bakery was born,” said Andy Murray, founder.


The Lancashire Cheese & Spring Onion biscuits are intended to be consumed with a hoppy IPA, stout or pilsner beer. They also go with dry white wine or Speyside whiskey, according to the company. The Pecorino, Rosemary & Scottish Seaweed biscuits, on the other hand, go best with gin-based cocktails."


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