As seen in the times

As seen in the times

26 Mar 2023

Knight's Table 

"Making little cheese biscuits to have with drinks is not hard - the absolutely best recipe is Simon Hopkin's, available on the BBC food website.

But you don't always have the time - or the inclination - and sometimes the urge to nibble on cheese biscuits strikes suddenly. So it is annoying that, nine out of ten, ready made ones are horrible. They barely even taste of cheese. They're oily. The texture is weird. Or they're too crumbly. Or too hard. Who wants to gnaw on a hard biscuit, as if they were a starving sailor on a long sea voyage in the 18th century?

Salvation comes in the form of The Drinks Bakery and its Drinks Biscuits. These are so, so good. Tiny, dense and buttery, with the flavour of the relevant cheese clearly coming through. 

I like the Mature Cheddar, Chilli and Almond flavour best, but the other three - Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts and Basil; Lancashire Cheese and Spring Onion; and Pecorino, Rosemary and Seaweed - are all utterly delicious too," 


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